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Making a lot of money online can be a very tedious task for a lot of people, especially the part of getting people to see whatever you are selling and eventually buy them.

In the last 2-3 years, I discovered that it is actually not as hard as a lot of people see it.

It is about following a strategy that works,

It is simply about following a blueprint that works.

This blueprint has made me over 20 million this year alone.

Funny and fantastic thing is you just need to understand how it works.

WhatsApp is a very very easy platform on which you can start building a business with the lowest possible cost, lowest possible risk and with the best of conversions.

Only if you do it well!


  • Build a list of people who will be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Nurture these people properly.
  • Pitch your offer to them.

That’s it! Cash in the bank.

You cannot make real profits on WhatsApp if you don’t understand:

  • Audience Building
  • Audience Nurturing
  • Offer Creation
  • Conversion
  • Fulfillments

These are the bedrocks of ALL we call WhatsApp Marketing

However, as I said, you need to do it right.

Don’t do it the way these “Acclaimed Gurus” do it.

They barely get results.

They only make money when they maybe sell courses to you.

It is important you learn from the right person.

I don’t want you to be like most of these broke Gurus and that’s why I have decided to do this

It is called.. 

WhatsApp Marketing Success

See what Hon. Akin Alabi (Founder of Nairabet and one of Nigeria's biggest Internet Marketer) has to say:

From the name...

It’s everything you need to get started making massive profits on WhatsApp

I mean EVERYTHING...You won’t need to look left or right for any other tools again…

And I’ll break it down for you:

Here’s Everything You’d be getting from me:

The Full Course: 3 Sections >>>

1st Section: WhatsApp Marketing (Deep Market Strategies and Tactics) on: 

>Audience Building - How To Build Your WhatsApp Audience List From Scratch

>Audience Nurturing

>Offer Creation


   -How To Use WhatsApp Stories To Sell Like Crazy.

   -How To Sell Using Groups And Broadcasts If You Are A Coach Or Online Consultant.

>Fulfillments - Upsells, Downsells, Cross-Sell Tactics (How to use all of these strategies to generate more revenue for your business).


As a bonus, I will bring on board one of my best students Chianu Solomon who has also used this knowledge to generate about 10 million while still in school in less than a year to share some great useful tips with you.

And there would even be a section for more bonuses like:


2nd Section:  TOOLS & BONUSES section so you can get things done FAST! (Worth N100, 000) : “Copy and Paste, plug and play”!

>Landing page Exports

>Sales Closing Templates

>WhatsApp Training Scripts

>WhatsApp content calendar

>Complete Offer Creation Course & templates

>Audience Building checklist for Conversion

>Full Personal Swipe Files of Short Copies for ; >Audience Generation, Direct Sales &Conversions and Group Trainings

>DM Closing Scripts

>Simple Guide to 3 Income Streams from WhatsApp

3rd Section: NEXT STEPS Template

>The Consultation Support: FREE call in to discuss and strategize your business and advise you accordingly. The first 30 students (Worth N50, 000)

>The First Private Community: Dedicated Telegram group for connection, solutions, and support! (PRICELESS)

>The Basics Of WhatsApp Marketing And Setting Up Your WhatsApp For business

>How To Automate Your Business And Sales Using WhatsApp Business Features.

Now I have developed ALL this so you can get started making massive profits from WhatsApp even if you’re Building from the scratch

That’s the core purpose of the program

Also, I will give you access to over 50 WhatsApp TVs who have large audience base and you can advertise with (It will take you a lot of time to find these TVs normally).

This training is presently going for N30,000.

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