11th May, 2021.

From the Desk of Adewuyi Tamilore.



Hi, I am excited to have you here.. 

This will most likely be the most life changing letter you will read this year.

It is going to be a basic introduction as you don't know me and my goal is actually to build a sustainable relationship with you..

And most importantly grow with you in all areas of your life, most importantly financially.


My name is Adewuyi Tamilore... 

I am 22 years old, a student of the University of Ibadan and a very big fan of business... 

I am mainly an Affiliate Marketer and I also do a number of things online such as Information marketing and selling of physical products.

I make lots of money from the Internet legally and that is why I have decided to share my knowledge with you for FREE!!!

This is definitely going to be worth it, I promise.

I started 2019 very broke although I had started my Tie&dye brand 30th of November, 2018.

I am a very big academic, I love my books a lot, I am a first class student as well (That’s not a big deal though).

I decided to do this again due to the whole financial downturn a lot of people are experiencing in the country.


One of my goals this 2021 is to help at least 12 people become Millionaires this year.

There is this funny story I will be sharing....

I run a Tie&dye clothing brand and I was doing my marketing the normal wrong way.....

I was making sales, making money and always helping people, giving myself a treat and all of that....

Sales began to dry up and I was getting broke... 

I wasn't running adverts, I wasn't reading books, I was eating my profits. I wanted it all to myself.

That was within the first few months of starting out in business.

Fortunately, someone gave me a link to read the first 2 chapters of my mentor's book (Small Business Big Money),

I liked it, I was pumped up after reading... 

I really wanted to get a copy but I was even too broke at this point to afford a #5,000 Naira book.

I then re-strategized, reached out to a friend who gave me insights on how to do business on WhatsApp which turned out well.. 

I made 10 sales that week and eventually ran my first advert as a business person...

That was in February, 2019 (Little did i know that was just the beginning).

Funny enough I later got two copies of the book in April, got an opportunity to meet my Billionaire mentor Akin Alabi and other marketing mentors.

An Image of myself and my billionaire mentor Akin Alabi

An Image of myself and my billionaire mentor Ronald Nzimora

I can tell you for free that I completed over 1000 shirt orders in my Tie&dye business which is quite massive for a business just starting out.

I really don't love to use numbers (money) because it attracts too much attention.

I was able to do over $15,000 in sales In 2019 and over $4000 in profits and I will tell you how if you are up to listen to me.

Yeah, that was just my first year.

2020 came and BOOM!

It was with the pandemic for a lot of people but it was with a lot of money for me.

I did 10X the profit i did in 2019 in 2020 using the same strategies and just scaling it up.

This year alone (I am writing this May 10th, 2021).... 

I have made more than all I made in 2020.

In just 5 months and it’s just something I can’t hold anymore.

See, I made 95% of this money from WHATSAPP!

YES!!! The same WhatsApp we all play and joke on,

You will get to know more as you journey with me. 


Reading is important but applying what you read is the main deal...

A lot of people read but they don't make use of the lessons in the books, thus they feel scammed whereas the fault is from them.

I read a countless number of books in 2020 and it improved me a whole lot.


I tell people books will take you places, I am just a little above two years in business but I have met a number of billionaires....

And I have been opportune to travel around the country and across the world to get a lot of knowledge.

I am not  rich yet even though, I do 7 figures in profit monthly but you will be learning a whole lot from me and your progress is what matters.


I will tell you why I decided to share this with you NOW!

My business is doing very fine and I plan to launch 2 new businesses soon.

I was in Dubai last December and I had a conversation with a top business leader and he talked about how blurry the future of the country is....

And he advised me to teach my peers how to make money too so we can grow the economy.

Images of me in Dubai

I know you don't really care about this but guess what!

I have been able to build a strong business across about 10 countries already (Trust me, it is no child's play).


Fast forward, some weeks ago, I was on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Lagos and I learnt a whole lot about sales and marketing again and again and..

I have started implementing those things and that is why I am already doing massive numbers again in 2021.

I was so proud of myself and I really appreciated all the money spent on books and learning in general since 2019 worth over N2,000,000 Naira.

That's not the point here, I also got a new book Deep pocket clients recently.

I am open to learning a lot and I want to learn from you too.


Funny enough, I closed one of my biggest Tie&dye sales deals some time ago, someone paid $100 for 2 shirts.

The order has been delivered to Canada.

I have been able to deliver my shirts to Ukraine, UK, US, UAE, Russia, Ireland and now Canada.

So, I don't regret spending one dime on increasing my marketing skills.


I am not yet where I want to be but I hope to keep improving.

The lesson here is INVEST IN YOURSELF..

Once you start out to EMPTY YOUR POCKETS TO FILL YOUR BRAIN, your brain will someday fill your pocket.

I have been able to make good decent money online selling physical, Digital and Affiliate products online and anyone can do the same too.

I will be showing you how I do this via my Whatsapp teachings and emails you will be getting once you connect with me Today!

This is your one time opportunity to connect with me and learn from me!

I have helped a lot of young people like myself make good money selling products and services online.

You can connect with me on WhatsApp, that way you get to view my status and learn a whole lot from me over time.

Once you click on the link below, it directs you to my WhatsApp, just respond with your name and I will have your contact saved.