The First Affiliate Sales  (FAS) Challenge 2.0


Dear Affiliate,

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You will be provided with all the marketing materials you need, including email swipes, social media graphics, testimonials and more.

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If you have decided to promote the First Affiliate Sale Blueprint I have decided to provide you with extra rewards beyond the commissions you will be earning.

Let us talk about why you should promote my course and participate in my challenge.

My name is Adewuyi Tamilore, I am the creator of the First Affiliate Sale Blueprint.

I am launching this challenge to push you beyond your regular limits and encourage you to promote my courses.

When it comes to challenges on product promotion, one thing I have noticed is that most of them are not very realistic and the reason is simple.

Most of the people setting these challenges are not affiliates and they don’t understand that promoting products for other people successfully requires a lot of work.

In my own case, it is very different because I am an affiliate just like yourself and I understand how life changing a challenge can be.

Let me tell you a very short story about how winning a challenge changed my life.

I got started fully with affiliate marketing early 2020.

I participated in a challenge and I won a trip to Dubai that same year.

In 2020, I made a total of about 10 million Naira selling online and I thought that was my best.

However, after my trip in 2020 December.

2021 became a lot more massive and I went on to do 10X what I did in 2020 just because that challenge changed my mindset.

You can do the math yourself.

Enough of story, let’s get down to the challenge.

December 2021, I took 3 of my students who promoted my course well on a 2 week vacation to Rwanda and another 2 of my students won N150,000 each.

This new challenge is going to give everyone a chance to win something.

The First Affiliate Sale Blueprint sells for N30,000 each and you earn 50% commission per sale (N15,000) plus any other thing you win in this challenge.

This challenge starts on the 10th of April, 2023 – 10th July, 2023.


  • Make 10 sales of the First Affiliate Sale Blueprint and WIN N20,000 Cash prize.
  • Make 30 sales of the First Affiliate Sale Blueprint and WIN N100,000 Cash prize
  • Make 50 sales of the FIrst Affiliate Sale Blueprint and WIN N200,000 Cash prize


Make 100 sales of the First Affiliate Sale Blueprint and WIN one of the three (you  will choose just one of them)

  • N500,000 Cash Prize
  • A brand new Laptop
  • A brand new Samsung S22 phone


Make 150 sales of the First Afilliate Sale Blueprint and win an all expenses paid trip to Rwanda or Kenya for a week.

Once you hit 150 sales, just send me an email at fivestarmarketingsystems@gmail.com once I verify that you have won, I will buy your flight ticket (You get to choose your travel dates to suit your schedule).

The beautiful thing is that you can stay in Kigali for up to one month and do all of your work from there if you wish.


Make 300 sales of the First Affiliate Sale Blueprint within 3 months and win either of;

  • All Expense Paid Trip to Dubai
  • N1,000,000 cash prize

You will choose just one of these options


  • Make 600 sales of the First Affiliate Sale Blueprint within 3 months and win;

    Toyota Corolla Sport.


These swipes can make it very easy for you to promote this Blueprint but please and please, don’t copy them word for word, be creative and just model your work with them.